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All I ever wanted was to heal so I could help others heal. That time has come, and I would be honored to be your guide on your journey. It’s your turn to be seen, heard, and understood.
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"Dave Jacks has made the effort to take an innovative and holistic approach to coaching with results. The only side effects you will experience are positive if you follow his advice from his in-depth research and using his life experiences. I highly recommend working with Dave if youre committed to healing and a result oriented person."

Michele L
"David is an exceptional coach who helped me make important decisions on my personal and professional life. He connected with me and understood the psychology of my "thinking". David suggested ways to improve my quality of life and helped me develop an optimistic attitude which enhanced my physical and mental wellbeing. I highly recommend David Jacks!"
Anthony Cosenza

I discovered David Jacks when he was doing love coaching with his then-girlfriend, with whom I had crossed paths previously. They were a good team with contrasting and complementary styles. When they split up I chose to continue working with David and what a great choice did that end up being. I met a guy while we were working together and was married within a year!
-Holly S.
"I had the opportunity to attend coach training with David and also witness him coach others. He has tremendous insight, professionalism and an overall great energy that is wonderful to be around. David is a true professional in ever sense and has a unique ability to really connect with those he coaches while forwarding them on their journey. When I think of David the words, courage, determination and passion come to mind. I can not recommend David enough for your coaching needs."
Robin Galardi
"Working with David has been a great and uplifting experience for me. He exudes professionalism, empathy and a genuine desire to service others. He is an excellent coach with the ability to bring his training and experience to support tremendous personal growth. He is always a pleasure to work with and the perfect example of courage, drive and compassion. I'm fortunate to continue to work with him and always benefit from the experience."
George Haskoor